Sunday, 5 February 2012

Iceberg Teaching

Teacher's work doesn't stop at the end of the day!
When you look at a teacher you see a person standing in front of a class speaking about whatever subject it is that they teach. But you don't see all the other things that go into creating that lesson writing down all the information that is being taught. We only see the tip of the iceberg, we don't see what is going on underneath it all. Think of it as an Iceberg we see about 30% of what actually has been done; the other 70% is done in private to make the other portion presentable.

The other part of the Iceberg includes many the parts listed above including;
  • evaluation of a previous lesson
  • Established routines and procedures that ensure the lesson goes as planned
  • preperation for the lesson
  • planning lessons in which the students learning progresses
  • Personality- including the teachers ability to maintane control of the class and establish their authority
  • Professional judgement developed over time
  • Subject knowledge
  • Professional knowledge about effective teaching and learning
You will often witness teachers performing lessons but you will develop the ability to see through the actual lesson and see what actually goes on beyond the lesson.


  1. good point, you have the reason

  2. Indeed. That's so true.

  3. You make some very valid points on your website. I've been browsing it for a while now and it does indeed apply to todays schooling system