Sunday, 19 February 2012

Technology In schools

Everyone has probably heard the term "the ADD generation" before, well that was a concept made to explain my generation and our lack of attention span. I always see in the hallways at my school people with there faces pressed up to their blackberrys and it kind of makes me scared. I don't want to live in a world where all people do is text eachother rather than talk face-to-face, I never text and I don't plan on it in the near future. People always say that I am "leaving myself out of the loop" but I say that I am leaving myself with a clear conscious mind.

In schools around Ontario teachers are apparently even going as far as taking cellphones away from students if they see them texting in the halls. The idea isn't so crazy, but you always have the one kid trying to inforce the rule "I heard that teachers can't take away a possession over night" but in fact it is written in most school handbooks that they can in fact take possessions.

The idea of a generation that is knee deep in electronics is a very frightening one, yet by the day we are seeing more and more of these teenagers. This reminds me of the movie "Wall-E" because the people in the space ship never looked out the window or even away from there little screen. The one moment that sticks with me the most is when the one male character turns around and exclaims "WOW! We have a swimming pool?" even though the pools is located inches away from the line of traffic.


  1. I like what your'e doing, I only use text to set up those face to face encounters!

  2. Totally agree... People should get in contact with each other and avoid talking over devices... We are humans, not machines!

  3. technology promises socialization while it takes exactly that away. we've forgotten what life is about, we just sit around and play with our devices. they're useful, but there's more to stuff than that.

  4. As of right now, I see your point, but phones are getting as powerful as laptops, and laptops are used very much in college. I believe it will become an integral part of our everyday lives once they are nanomachines that are able to fit into our bodies. You should really watch this movie called "Transcendent Man", its a documentary about a guy who Bill Gates says is the best at predicting the future in the world.

    1. i will definetly check that out

  5. the fat captain from wall-e sums the effects of technology up perfectly